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1. Class begins. 上课。

2、Stand up, please. 起立!

3. Sit down, please. 请坐。

4、Let’s start now. / Let’s begin our class / lesson. 让我们开始上课。

5、Let’s start a new lesson / Lesson 1. 我们开始里新课 / 第一课。

6、Let’s get ready for class. 准备上课。

7. —Who's on duty today? —今天谁值日?

8. —I am. —我值日。

9. —Is everyone here? —都去齐了吗?

10. —Are you all here? —都出席了吗?

11. —Yes. —全都出席了。

12. —No, Li Ming is absent. —不,李明参加(没去)。

13. —Li Ming is ill. —李明病了。

14. —May I come in? —我可以进来吗?

15. —Yes, you may. —可以。

16. —Of course you may. —当然可以。

17. —Yes, please do. —请进。

18. Come in, please. 请进。

19. Don't be late next time. 下次别又迟到了。

20. —What day is today? —今天是星期几?

21. —Today is Monday(Tuesday,Wednesday, —今天是两天一(星期二,星期三,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 星期四,星期五,星期六,星期日)。

22. —What day is tomorrow? —明天是星期几?

23. —Tomorrow is Monday. —明天是两天一。

24. —What day was yesterday? —昨天是星期几?

25. —Yesterday was Monday. —昨天是两天一。。 26. —What's the weather like today? —今天天气如何?

27. —It's fine. —今天天晴。

28. —It's cloudy. —今天多云。

29. —It's windy. —今天有风。

30. —It's raining. —今天下雨。

31. Don't talk. 别说话

32. Stop talking. 别说话了。

33. Silence, please. 请安静。

34. Please be quiet. 请安静。

35. Sit up(straight). 坐直。

36. Let't have a daily talk. 我们来进行日常对话。

37. We are going to have a new lesson today. 今天我们里新课。

38. Today we are going to have a revision. 今天我们里复习课。

39. Listen, please. 请看。

40. Listen to me carefully. 仔细看。

41. Now listen and repeat. 现在先看, 然后重复。

42. Listen to the tape recording. 请看录音。

43. Look at my mouth. 请注意我的口型。

44. Say it after me. 跟我说。

45. Read after me. 跟我读。

46. Say these words (sentences) after me. 跟我说这种词汇(句子)。

47. Read slowly and clearly. 慢慢地、清清楚楚地读。

48. Louder, please. 请大声读。

49. Don't murmur. 说话声音别太小。

50. Say it again. 再说一遍。

51. Once more. 再来一遍。

52. Think it over. 想一想。

53. Try again. 再试一试。

54. That's better. 好些了。

55. How do you pronounce this word? 这个词汇如何发音?

56. Spell this word. 拼这个单词。

57. Spell the word “Wednesday”. 拼单词“Wednesday”。

58. Who can spell the word “brother”? 谁会拼“brother”这词?

59. How do you spell the word “box”? 你如何拼单词“box”?

60. The letter“a”is pronouced as [Z] in this word. 这个词汇中汉字“a”读作[Z]。

61. The letter“t”is silent in the word “often”

单词“often”中的字母“t” 不发音。

62. The letter“e”in “plane” is not pronounced.


63. Look at this group of words on the blackboard. They have the same vowel sound, don't they?


64. What's the meaning of this word? 这个词汇的词意是怎么?

65. Put it into Chinese. 把她译成汉语。

66. Put it into English. 把她译成英语。

67. Say it in English. 用英语讲。

68. Answer in English. 用英语回答。

69. What's the Chinese for “bike”? “bike”的英文含义是怎么?

70. What's the English for “公共汽车”?英语“公共汽车”怎么说?

71. Please put up your hands. 请举手。

72. Put down your hands. 把手放下。

73. Come to the front. 到前面来。

74. Come to the blackboard. 到黑板前来。

75. Go to the blackboard. 到黑板那去。

76. Go back to your seat(seats). 回到座位上去。

77. Look at the cards. 看卡片。

78. Look at the blackboard, please. 请听黑板。

79. Look at the slide. 看幻灯。

80. Look at the pictures. 看截图。

81. Say something about the picture. 谈谈这张图画。

82. Ask your classmates to answer your 请你的同学们回答这个(你的)问

question. 题。

83. Answer my questions, please. 请回答我的现象。

84. —Can you answer this question? —你会解答这个现象吗?

85. —Let me try. —我来试试。

86. —Sorry, I can抰. —对不起我不会。

87. Who can help him (her)? 谁会帮助他(她)?

88. Don't be afraid. 不要害怕。

89. Don't be nervous. 不要紧张。

90. Next, please. 下一个,请。

91. You, please. 你,请。

92. Who'll have a try? 谁愿试一下?

93. Will you have a try? 你来试试好吗?

94. Any volunteers? 谁愿回答?

95. Let's say the dialogue. 我们来对话。

96. Practise the dialogue in pairs. 两人一组练习对话。

97. Read the dialogue. You read part A. 读对话。你读A部分。

98. Let's act out the dialogue. 我们来表演对话。

99. I'd like to have two pupils come up 我要请两位朋友上来对话。

here and say the dialogue.

100. Wang Hai will be A, and Li Hong 王海充当“A”,李红充当

will be B. “B”。

101. Let's do pattern drills. 我们来作句型练习。

102. Don't look at your textbooks. 别听你的课本。

103. Close your books. 把书合起来。

104. Open your books at page 53. 把书进去, 翻去53页。

105. Turn back to page 50. 翻回到50页。

106. Read by yourselves. 你们自己读。

107. Please read the text. 请读课文。

108. Please read the first paragraph. 请读第一段。

109. Read in chorus. Ready, start. 齐声朗读。准备,开始。

110. Go on, please. 请再次。

111. That'll do. 可以了。

112. Stop here. 停下。

113. Do you understand? 懂了吗?

114. Any questions? 有问题吗?

115. May I ask a question? 我可以提个原因吗?

116. Any more questions? 还有问题吗?

117. Let's do some written exercises. 我们来作书面练习。

118. Take out your exercise-books. 拿出他们的练习本。

119. Let's have a dictation. 我们来听写。

121. I'll read again. Please check up. 我再读一遍, 请核对。

122. Have you finished? 完成了吗?

123. Time is up. 时间到了。

124. Stop writing. 别写了。

125. Hand in your exercise-books, please. 请让他们的练习本交上来。

126. Pass your exercise-books to the front. 把练习本传到前面来。

127. —Any mistakes? —有错吗?

—Yes.(No.) —有。(没有。)

128. —Correct it(them), please. —请改正。

129. —Is that right(correct)? —对吗?

—Yes. (No.) —对。(不对。)

130. That's wrong. 错了。

131. All right. 对。

132. That's right. 对。

133. Very good. 很好。

134. That's not quite right. 不完全对。

135. Let's sing a song. (Let's sing songs.) 我们来唱歌。

136. Let's play a game. (Let's play games.) 我们来作游戏。

137. For today's homework, make sentences 今天的家庭作业是用黑板上的单

with the words on the blackboard. 词造句。

138. For homework,copy the new words and 家庭作业是抄生词和语法练习,

drills. Do Exercise 4 on page 37. 做37页上的练习4。

139. Write from memory the English alphabet 默写英文符号(大小写)。

(both in capital and small letters).

140. Recite the letters from A to G. 背字母A到G。

141. Learn the dialogue by heart. 背对话。

142. Put in the missing letters. 填入所缺的字母。

143. Give the plural forms of these words. 给出下列句子的复数方式。

144. Turn these sentences into interrogative 把下列语句改成疑问句并提问。

sentences and then answer them.

145. Make these sentences negative,then 把上述语句改成否定句和问题

interrogative. 句。

146. There will be a test on Lesson 6 下周一进行第六课测验。

next Monday.

147. That's all for today. 今天的课就里去那边。

148. Class is over. 下课了。

149. Goodbye! 再见!

150. See you tomorrow! 明天见!

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